How to install the Social Network Scraper

  1. Install VirtualBox
    Download VirtualBox from Oracle's VirtualBox site. Install it using the recommended settings.

  2. Download the Social Network Scraper as a VirtualBox appliance
    Download the scraper from the following site.
  3. Install the appliance
    In the VirtualBox menu, go to File->Import Appliance. From there, simply point the wizard to the file you downloaded and finish the wizard keeping the default configuration options.
    Try to give the appliance as many resources as you can spare. While this server can run with few resources, the more you give it the snappier it will be.
    Resource requirements for Social Network Scraper
    Number of CPUs RAM
    Required 1 512 MB
    Recommended 2 1280 MB
  4. Windows Users - Refresh The Host-Only Network Configuration.
    *nix/Mac users may skip this step. If you are using Windows, you must simply perform the following tasks:
  5. You are now finished, and ready to boot into the system.
    Start the machine. When it is fully booted, point your browser to To access the admin console, go to Don't forget to set add these to your bookmarks!
    At this point, you may wish to tweak your system. This is up to you, but remember if anything goes wrong you can always re-create your machine by deleting it and re-importing the appliance. For a list of all the passwords that correspond to the system, please see a list of passwords associated with the system.